Indoor Decoration Package £250

4 live large ficus trees with fairy lights
3 groups of 7 assorted church candles above fireplace
Candles in wall holes
Night lights OR small glass candle holders and night lights
10 large hurricane lanterns (for use during ceremony only)
Logs for indoor fire
PA system – compatible with iPod or laptop, comes with disco lights for evening use

Extras: Vintage French jelly jars, 50p supplement each

Outdoor Decoration Package £300

20 hanging lanterns for the garden
Logs for the bonfire
2 fire pits on the terrace
18 large flares, around lawn

Additional Items

Brown sheepskin cushion pads for chairs (50p each)
Outdoor ceremony set-up (£1.20 per guest)
Chef's hat & apron, 1 per table, for boarded/bowled feasts (£12.00 each)
Wrought Iron Greenery Wheel hung in the centre of the barn. (Please contact if you would like to use this.)

Vintage Crockery

Champagne Saucer £1.50
Tea Cup and Saucer £1.50
Cake/Side Plate £1.00
Dinner Plate £1.50
Serving Dish £3.00

Platter £2.50
Cake Stand £3.50
Tea & Coffee Pot £3.00
Blue Water Glass £0.50
Napkin £2.00